How to buy Ethereum

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How is the platform profitable? Why do large technology giants develop digital currencies? What is the impact of the platform on the traditional financial system in terms of profitability? There is a term in economics called convenience yield (convenien…

In general, research on CBDC is still in progress worldwide, and has not yet been extensively expanded to the pilot and promotion stage; large international financial organizations put CBDC research on the agenda, and most central banks are still trying t

Towards the end of the month, both Altcoin buying and selling volume declined. Traders seemed to perceive that many Altcoins performed comparable to BTC, or even surpassed BTC, so the downward trend in Altcoin sales was stopped. As traders have reservatio

In response to the above-mentioned difficulties and pain points in the financing of small and medium foreign trade enterprises, on the basis of full research, in 2018, the foreign exchange bureau accelerated the research of blockchain technology, and acti

The scale of stablecoins has increased by 5 times. In the past year, the total issuance scale of stablecoins represented by USDT rose from 6 billion US dollars at the end of 2019 to 27 billion US dollars, an increase of 5 times. We believe that the rapid