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Which is better, Ethereum or Bitcoin

And such rumors seem to be corroborated by this bad news: According to the Bitcoin browser, at about 8 pm on March 12, the Bitcoin network only hit one block in one hour, but the reason for not producing the block is not clear yet. , But some people have simply attributed it Which is better, Ethereum or Bitcointo the downtime of miners. However, this statement has not been generally recognized by the industry, and there have been cases in the history of Bitcoin that did not produce blocks for several hours. After 60 minutes, the OKEx mining pool was packaged to produce blocks, and the market’s doubts about the security of Bitcoin were dispelled.

Public information shows that the two co-founders are both from PayPal and are early practitioners of financial technology. The co-founder and CEO Daniel Schatt has 6 years of experience in PayPal and worked in the financial innovation department. Later, he joined the Stockpile stock exchange company as the chief business officer. Another joint venture LuHua was the head of Paypal's core business. The two established LibraCredit, the predecessor of Cred in 2017, and conducted 1CO through LBA tokens in April 2018.

After the BCHBSV halving, miners will switch more computing power to BTC in the short term. According to the latest information, the first halving of BCH and BSV block rewards will force miners to switch more computing power to Bitcoin, because in about a month Inside, Bitcoin will be rewarded with 15 units of blocks instead of 25 for BCH and BSC. Therefore, it is expected that the difficulty of Bitcoin mining will increase, which will further reduce the profitability of all miners.

Although today's prices of goods and services may not be quoted in Bitcoin, a pricing system will gradually take shape every time someone converts the value into Bitcoin. Even if the US dollar is used as an indirect medium, the value produced by a particular individual in the world will be expressed in a unit of Bitcoin; as more and more people choose to do this, based on each individual, this value will be Gradually transformed into a smaller and smaller bitcoin unit (on average). As a result, bitcoins with smaller and smaller denominations can be used by more people to convey an equivalent value. As more and more people use bitcoins as a measure, its ability to measure relative value will only increase. .

The second batch of blockchain information service filing numbers issued by the Office of the Cyberspace Administration of China is 309, which is much higher than the first batch of 197. The applicants are also more diversified, including Internet giants including Ali and Baidu, as well as Financial institutions such as ICBC, Ping An Bank, and communications giants represented by Huawei, and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange among government agencies have passed the record, which will accelerate the process of blockchain becoming a technical facility for the digital economy. Wu Tong, deputy director of the CECBC Blockchain Specialty Committee of the Ministry of Commerce and Dean of the School of Digital Economy and Business, analyzed to a reporter from the Securities Daily.

After the compliance of QR code payment in 2016, the two giants of Alipay and WeChat Pay began to push offline QR code payment, gradually replacing cash transactions, and monopolizing the offline mobile payment market. Recently, iResearch released the "Third Party Payment Industry Data Release Report" for the first half of 2019. Data shows that in the first half of this year, the scale of third-party mobile payment trWhich is better, Ethereum or Bitcoinansactions was about 14 trillion yuan. A year-on-year increase of 276%, the growth rate has slowed down compared to 2018.

The report shows that many central banks are considering the development and issuance of central bank digital currency (CBDC). Consumer-oriented CBDC may be launched in the next five years, and consumer-oriented CBDC may require some form of company cooperation. CBDC is a digital asset issued by the central bank for payment and settlement. The central bank's digital currency is expected to be divided into two types: retail and wholesale. The retail type is mainly used by the public and companies, with the purpose of replacing the existing legal currency M0; the wholesale type is used for inter-bank settlement services, which will effectively improve payment efficiency and reduce the cost and complexity related to the existing payment system Sex.