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How is the platform profitable? Why do large technology giants develop digital currencies? What isFree Ethereum 2017 the impact of the platform on the traditional financial system in terms of profitability? There is a term in economics called convenience yield (convenience yield). In order to enjoy the convenience of payment, everyone is willing to give up a certain amount of monetary gain and hold some safe and liquid assets. This so-called convenience yield is non-monetary gain. This kind of income is taken by the banking system in the traditional financial structure, so bank profit is not only to evaluate credit risk management, credit risk issuance of loans, but to a large extent come from providing payment services and providing liquid assets. The development of payment services by technology platforms and the derivatives of financial services will squeeze the traditional financial system and its profit model.

As I have already mentioned, the current laws of the United States do not directly answer these questions. Digital currencies can be divided into many categories: commodities, securities or other tools. How to classify digital currencies partly depends on the functional use of digital currencies, and the other part depends on various legislators and regulatory agencies that have the authority to regulate digital currencies.

These previous assumptions are all "unrealistic assumptions" that can rent all the resources needed for mining on demand (this view dominates academic reviews on Bitcoin security). In fact, mining behavior in reality is not the case. In fierce competition, if a miner increases the income that can be obtained at the same budget cost, then other miners must keep up, otherwise there is a risk of income reduction.

If a common currency is not used, there will be no concept of price. Without the concept of price, it is impossible to carry out any range of economic calculations. With the ability of economic calculation, people can take independent actions through the information transmitted by the price system, and better meet their own needs by understanding the needs of others. In fact, this is a price system that allows the structure of supply and demand to take shape, and eventually becomes a necessity, because it provides information to communicate, otherwise the basic needs cannot be met.

In recent weeks, the correlation between Bitcoin and U.S. stocks has fallen further. The correlation between Bitcoin and the US stock market was as high as 80%. Throughout October, US stocks performed poorly, but Bitcoin has so far achieved a 28% increase on major exchanges including Coinbase. Bitcoin's weak correlation with other risk-taking assets strengthens its image as a store of value.

Unmanned vending machines are synonymous with convenience and speed. Bitcoin is a consensus network where all confirmed transactions are packaged into blocks. Combining the two will form a paradox; because no one wants to spend an hour in front of thFree Ethereum 2017e unmanned vending machine waiting for the transaction to be confirmed, and the unmanned vending machine company would not want to give so many free snacks in vain.

In the first month of 2020, the cryptocurrency market ushered in a good wave of rising prices. Driven by the halving market, the halving currency led by BSV took the lead. At the same time, projects ranked 10-50 by market value showed a strong upward trend, which in turn promoted the steady growth of Bitcoin and Ethereum rise. Tokenview counted on-chain activity data in January 2020 and found some interesting points.