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Bitcoin's one-month implied volatility has risen to a 5-month high, reflecting the increase in expectations for price fluctuations in the next four weeks. According to data from the data provider Skew, affected by the demand for call options and put options, the indicator has risen to 89%, the highest level sinceEthereum blockchain information May 18, and it bottomed close to 44% in September. At the same time that the implied volatility doubled, Bitcoin also rose from $10,000 to $1920, which seems to be caused by the relatively high demand for call options (call bets). This can be clearly seen from the record lows of 1-year, 3-year and 6-month put-call options tilt, which measures the cost of put options relative to call options. The options market looks ready to continue to rise.

At this point, not much can go wrong. Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp, told Decrypt that there are many community testnets, two of which were created specifically to test the launch of the beacon chain and paid many bounties to individuals who found problems in the client. Quantstamp has reviewed multiple ETH0 clients.

There is no doubt that the lack of on-site staff will have a negative impact on mine management, because on-site employees are responsible for ensuring that the mining machine is connected to the Internet and maintaining a stable power supply at all times. In addition, employees also need to repair damaged circuit boards and other hardware. To maintain stable operations. Generally speaking, a Panda mining machine requires at least ten people to maintain a mining pool, but due to the sharp decrease in the number of on-site employees, it is difficult to keep so many mining equipment running simultaneously.

In order to more accurately classify Bitcoin as a risky asset or a safe-haven asset, I compared it with a few other assets. In a basket of risky assets, the main indexes include (S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Shanghai Composite Index, Nikkei Index) and other assets that track macroeconomic performance (Australian dollar, US dollar, oil).

Low-fee cross-border transactions: The current median transaction fee is about $0.24, and Bitcoin can be sent to any user in any country in the world. In September of last year, a Bitcoin transaction worth more than $1 billion only charged $700 in fees. The cost of shipping the same amount of gold internationally will be too high, requiring armored transportation and insurance.

In 2015, my country proposed the concept of Internet+. Later, we all know that Internet + catering = Meituan, Internet + transportation = Didi, Internet + travel = Ctrip... Internet + gave birth to a series of excellent Internet companies and products, and profoundly changed eaEthereum blockchain informationch of us. life.

After the development of encryption technology, DeFi emerged. As a new capital market, it is still inefficient in general. For most institutions, the level of liquidity is too low. However, innovations to solve this problem can be The non-custodial method gathers liquidity in wallets, centralized exchanges and DEXs, making the liquidity super highway is expected to catalyze the growth of DeFi and mine the dormant asset pool in encryption.