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When Japan is fighting South Korea's high-precision technology war, and the South Korean economy has plummeted due to the impact of U.S. debt, the Vietnamese economy will have a collateral reaction. You know, as of the end of 2018, Vietnam has exceeded 150 billion US dollars of foreign debt. However, Vietnam’s current foreign exchange reserves are only US$63.5 billion. And these foreign reserves can hardly cope with the high debt deficit level of tEthereum vs Bitcoin blockchainhe Vietnamese economy. According to the latest report, the debt ratio of Vietnam’s dollar will reach the limit of 65% this year, which means that the Vietnamese economy will collapse at any time at the end of this year and early next year.

Some of the latest developments in Libra at the beginning of this year include: Association membership changes: In February, e-commerce software developer Shopify and cryptocurrency broker Tagomi announced that they had joined the Libra Association. British Telecom Group Vodafone announced its withdrawal from the Libra Association at the end of January.

The dynamic adjustment mechanism of the difficulty of Bitcoin mining is the key to the success of this consensus mechanism. Yesterday, the difficulty of Bitcoin mining was raised by nearly 7% to 155T. btc data shows that the current Bitcoin mining power is 1295EH/s. , There are still 12 days before the next difficulty adjustment, and it is expected that the mining difficulty will once again increase by over 7% to 175T in the next difficulty adjustment, which will further refresh the historical high level.

Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Lu) Recently, the Politburo has collectively studied blockchain, making blockchain the focus of attention again. The reporter learned that at present, some departments have explored the application of blockchain technology to allow citizens to enjoy the convenience of new technologies in advance. So, what exactly is a blockchain? What are the advantages and characteristics? What changes can it bring to life?

Under the influence of the new crown pneumonia, the index of Baidu's search for bitcoin prices rose by 270% year-on-year on February 9th, and the search index for the past 30 days also rose by 70%. In January, Google searches for Bitcoin halving soared five times, which is the highest level reached since the Bitcoin halving cycle in 2016. Although the search volume for Bitcoin halving is still much lower than Bitcoin. According to Google Trends, the search volume of Bitcoin itself is at least 30 times that of Bitcoin's halving.

The second attack: the attacker uses his own computing power to launch a double-spending attack. The attacker uses the same amount to conduct transactions with two transaction partners at the same time, such as transaction A and transactionEthereum vs Bitcoin blockchain B. One of the transactions A is confirmed and recorded in the blockchain, making transaction A complete. Because the attacker has strong computing power, he recorded transaction B in the private blockchain and dug a chain longer than the legal one, prompting transaction B to be confirmed and completing transaction B.