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According to Li Gang's analysis, firstly, because there are more counterfeit coins that can only be bought and cannot be sold on the market, BitKeep will test the project for sale, and the design of KKS just happened to escape BitKeep's review. Secondly, users have been deceived a lot, and they are also vigilant about the project. AtEthereum miner calculator the beginning, the opening of the selling authority can let some users put down their guard. When the currency price rises, by adjusting the threshold, it can play a role in sealing the selling channel in disguise. effect.

Foreword: If you look at the adoption stage of Bitcoin according to the technology adoption life cycle model, what stage is it currently in? It has just transitioned from the innovator stage to the few early adopters stage. In the early adopter stage, there are two sub-groups. Some groups of early adopters are relatively open-minded and easy to accept new things, while the other group is relatively conservative. Whether they can be persuaded to adopt this will be the key to the development of Bitcoin. Milestones are similar to the arrival of the singularity. To cross the chasm is to break through this critical point in essence. Once this barrier is broken and the chasm is crossed, there will be a vast grassland in front of us, a grassland that can gallop at will. And before reaching this point, there is still a lot to do. Not only the advancement of technology, but also the participation of all early adopters. The author of this article is SylvainSaurel, translated by CQ of the Blue Fox Note Community.

Among them, re-lending is to pay interest, generally 2-3% (depending on the variety, such as MLF, SLF, re-lending, etc.), and if the base currency is deposited with the central bank, the interest charged is very low. If the central bank retrieves the cash and becomes cash in stock, there is no interest income. Therefore, the bank cannot make money at this time, and has to lose money.

December is the lost season, because Santa Claus did not appear in a sleigh. But the "January effect" made up for this loss, and BTC surged from $200 at the beginning of the month to $500 at the end of the month. The proportion of BTC market value dropped from 69% to 66%, reflecting the tightness of the Altcoin market. This makes many people start to look forward to the Altcoin golden period, or at least the arrival of a small golden period, giving traders hope for the first time in months.

Purely making AI chips is not practical for so many people. The manpower required for servers is 4-5 times that of chip development, and the difficulty of research and development is even 10 times. I originally thought that the server was not suitable for Bit, because it was too difficult, and the Cambrian unicorn did not do it. Try to burn money when you have money, and cut it when you have no money, it's normal.

Quotes: The rebound is facing resistance, and the shock will continue. The total market value of digital tokens this week is 177.06 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 14.9 billion U.S. dollars from last week, an increase of about 9%; the average daily turnover rate is 80%, an increase of 0.6% from last week. The current price of BTC is US$6,198, with a weekly increase of 14% and an average daily trading volume of US$42.5 billion. The current price of ETH is US$137, a weekly decline of 0.3%, and an average daily trading volume of US$14.3 billion. The balance of BTC on the exchange this week was 6.77 million, a decrease of 60,000 from last week. The balance of ETH on the exchange was 149.85 million, an increase of 2.Ethereum miner calculator92 million from last week. In the BICS secondary industry, the market value of retail e-commerce has increased.

The traditional view is that Ethereum is too slow. But for what purpose is it too slow? For financial services, this seems fast enough. But the mistake people make when they say that Ethereum is slow is to misunderstand what is great. Contrary to intuition, it is slow. ETH works because users want to pay (in the form of gas) to perform calculations.