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For example, Zheshang Bank has developed an account receivable chain platform based on blockchain technology to convert enterprise accounts receivable into electronic payment settlement and financing tools; ICBC’s e-trust networkBitcoin to Ethereum calculator financing financial service platform launched by ICBC has been registered More than 500 supply chain companies such as China Railway and China Merchants have issued a total of more than 3 billion yuan in loans; Ping An Bank has launched the SAS platform for supply chain accounts receivable services based on blockchain technology, which can automatically realize the pledge of accounts receivable, Transfer registration, etc.

Currently, the price of Bitcoin is still in a downward trend. As of 10:15 on March 13th, Bitcoin was quoted at US$4,269. Compared with US$18:7385 on March 12th, the price dropped by 419% within 15 hours. In addition, the market value is calculated based on the circulation of 182.78 million bitcoins. 56.9 billion US dollars have been evaporated.

The government announced the airdrop of petrocoins to all pensioners, workers in the public sector, military personnel and qualified citizens of other countries, ordered airlines flying from Caracas to use Petro to pay for fuel, and required the state-owned Venezuelan oil company The tentative sales of 50,000 barrels of oil per day through Petro require the use of Petro to pay taxes, utilities, port fees, etc., and authorization to open casinos that use Petro to place bets. In addition, in January Venezuela also discussed the use of petro currency for bilateral trade payments with the Cuban government in an attempt to promote its role in cross-border payments.

Germany and France are concerned about digital sovereignty. On October 29, 2019, Germany and France announced the Gaia-X project involving core German and French companies, aiming to establish a secure and reliable data infrastructure for Europe. German Minister of Economy Peter. Altmaier said that this infrastructure will help us regain digital sovereignty and lay the foundation for a digital ecosystem. Bruno, French Minister of Economy and Finance Le Maire said that this project will include data storage, data concentration and data sharing. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that what worries me the most is that most of the processing of industrial and consumer data is done by American companies, which is forming a dependency. Merkel advocates taking a long-term view, as much as possible to carry out the overall digital layout from a European perspective.

However, on July 31 this year, some media revealed that Bitcoin mining machine manufacturer Jianan Zhizhi had secretly submitted a listing application to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), raising a total of US$200 million. On October 10, according to relevant sources, Jianan Zhizhi will disclose the prospectus around mid-to-late October, and public roadshows and subscriptions at the end of October, and the listing will be completed by November 25 at the latest.

For the upgrade of the Swap platform, in terms of profit optimization, Mooniswap, the core follower of Uniswap, also spares no effort to reward users. Compared to other platforms Bitcoin to Ethereum calculatorsuch as Uniswap, Mooniswap claims that priceslippage profits alone can bring liquidity providers up to 200% of revenue.

Domestic mines have also become targets. Another government decree stipulates higher electricity tariffs. Under the new regulations, miners will need to pay three times the normal price for the energy they need. Industry insiders warn that, given the current cryptocurrency prices, any price increase that exceeds the regular rate by 7 times will actually reduce profitability to zero. Although continued market recovery has improved the profitability of Bitcoin mining, electricity prices are still a major factor in the business.

Earlier, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif stated that Iran has taken appropriate self-defense measures in accordance with Article 51 of the UN Charter, with the goal of launching attacks on Iranian citizens and high-level officials. We do not want to escalate conflicts or provoke wars, but we will defend ourselves against any violations. The air strike in the early hours of Wednesday morning has ended the retaliation for the killing of Soleimani last Friday.

Because of this, ordinary people often associate blockchain with virtual cryptocurrency, but the subsequent series of so-and-so coin projects have been severely hit. The reason is precisely because the risks of these virtual cryptocurrencies under the banner of blockchain are not controllable, and they also contain a lot of speculation, speculation, and fraud risks.

The decentralized exchanges in the Ethereum network mainly use ETH as the trading medium. In the v1 version of Uniswap, it is even mandatory that all ERC20 tokens can only establish trading pairs with ETH, and transactions between ERC20 tokens are based on ETH. As an intermediary, it is realized through routing. In the v2 version, although you can freely choose, it is still based on ETH, and the liquidity of AMPL in Uniswap is also on the AMPL-ETH trading pair. In this way, when the overall cryptocurrency falls, without the participation of external forces, AMPL will inevitably fall with the fall of ETH; of course, ETH can also drive AMPL to rise.