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How is the platform profitable? Why do large technology giants develop digital currencies? What is the impact of the platform on the traditional financial system in terms of profitability? There is a term in economics called convenience yield (convenien…

The scale of stablecoins has increased by 5 times. In the past year, the total issuance scale of stablecoins represented by USDT rose from 6 billion US dollars at the end of 2019 to 27 billion US dollars, an increase of 5 times. We believe that the rapid

In addition to rollup in Ethereum, the bigger expectation is that although layer rollup is also off-chain, compared with layer2, the concept of rollup cannot express the overall effect of the collaboration between off-chain ledgers and smart contracts. La

On January 11, elections in a certain region came to an end, and the female DPP chairperson in the region was elected as the regional leader. The leader expressed relatively extreme remarks, refusing to recognize the basic consensus that has been formed i

For example, in June, July, August, and December, the correlation coefficient between the increase/decrease of ETHTrust holdings and the currency price of the day reached about 0.5, that is to say, the ETH price of the day ETHTrust increased its holdings

In the entire traceability system, three types of stakeholders are mainly involved: government, enterprises and consumers. The governments appeal is simple. It hopes to collect data to know where each product comes from. It requires that the responsibilit

Among these 71,000 bitcoins, there are still 40,000 to 240,000 bitcoins still remaining on the exchange, which means that only 6% to 34% of the inflows of bitcoins have not been sold or have changed hands, but have changed hands. Coin holders can still se

On November 27, the Filecoin blockchain project announced that the previous CPU mining scheme will no longer be adopted, and the new version will adopt the GPU (graphics card) mining scheme. This means that the previous hot-selling CPU miners on the marke

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