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In the entire traceability system, three types of stakeholders are mainly involved: government, enterprises and consumers. The government's appeal is simple. It hopes to collect data to know where each product comes from. It reqEthereum blockchain bookuires that the responsibilities of the property transfer process remain clear, and the source and circulation process of the items can be quickly learned when food safety issues arise.

Therefore, compared with token investors, equity investors generally require a higher transfer ratio. How high is that reasonable? According to YC research, generally speaking, the ratio of A rounds is around 20%. If the founder can only sell 10% under the condition of ensuring sufficient funds, it is of course very good, but if the market does not allow it, there is no need to be persistent, leading to the loss of valuable development time. In addition, the team should try to avoid releasing more than 25% in Series A, which may be detrimental to the team's subsequent financing. If the team plans to merge the seed round before the A round, the allocation ratio between the seed round and the A round can be flexibly allocated. Generally speaking, the seed round transfer ratio is 10-15%, but the total transfer ratio of the seed round and the A round needs to be as much as possible Less than 30%.

►The emergence of trust investment products represented by GrayscaleGBTC allows investors to participate in investment without worrying about the storage and security of encrypted assets; at the same time, GBTC is listed on the OTC market and regularly disclosed to the SEC, which improves the flow of products Sexuality and transparency also provide a convenient channel for American investors to enter the market;

Each block contains the time stamp when the information was recorded, the digital signature of the previous recorder, and a unique identification link, which points to the previous block in a hash form (known as a digital fingerprint). As a result, blocks can no longer be inserted between two existing blocks. Every time a new block is added afterwards, the security of the previous block and the entire blockchain will also be enhanced. The more blocks there are, the more difficult it is to tamper with information.

According to Chen Yushi, one of the current public speculations about the structure and implementation of the central bank's cryptocurrency (DCEP) is that the central banks stipulate that the assets of commercial banks must be fully supported by central bank reserves. This model is more radical and will remove part of the banking business, helping to better achieve financial inclusion and reduce system risks. Chen Yushi said that the central bank needs to analyze the stability of commercial banks. If there is a bank panic, the reduction of private credit may lead to financial instability. Bank panics and runs may lead to negative results such as excessive debt or even unemployment for some small and medium-sized companies.

Daorecords, a record brand in the form of a decentralized autonomous organization, supports the creation of a sound format NFT. And there is also an audio-visual artwork like ElephantDreams, ElephantDreams, which was created by Andrés Reisinger and Grammy Award winner DJRAC. It was auctioned by collector maxstealth for 70 ETH on the encrypted art market SuperRare, which is equivalent to US$2,1Ethereum blockchain book87.

Zhu Jiaming, a well-known economist and dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute, recently wrote an article that the combination of blockchain and industry manifests itself in three modes: First, industries that have a natural genetic relationship with the blockchain, such as the encrypted digital currency industry and The financial industry; the second is the industry that transforms the entire business format through the blockchain, such as the IP industry, legal and other service industries; the third is the industry that transplants blockchain technology to maintain the original industrial characteristics. For example, industries such as agriculture, product industry, and manufacturing. Among them, blockchain technology is most needed, and at the same time it can have an impact on the integrity of the economy, precisely the third mode. The so-called real economy, without the combination of blockchain technology and real economy, the blockchain industry will always stay in the initial stage.