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For example, in June, July, August, and December, the correlation coefficient betweEthereum monthly charten the increase/decrease of ETHTrust holdings and the currency price of the day reached about 0.5, that is to say, the ETH price of the day ETHTrust increased its holdings is likely to rise, and vice versa Of course. In addition, in July, September, and December, the increase/decrease of ETHTrust's holdings was also weakly correlated with the average currency price of the next 3 days and the average currency price of the next 7 days. Among them, there was a negative weak correlation in December. The currency price fell simultaneously.

Zhao Dong: Judging from the actual impact, the halving itself does not have much substantial impact on the Bitcoin price, but it has a speculative impact. Since next year is already the third halving, after this, the annual new supply of bitcoin (new mines) will drop from 7% to 7%. Therefore, if the currency price does not change, the annual consumption of bitcoin will drop from $4.7 billion to $2.6 billion. And this amount of funds, relative to the current total market value of 132 billion US dollars, is not a big impact.

An investor who bought a large number of tokens at a low price early in the market became a "supporter" of PGS after receiving nearly 10 times the return. He told BlockBeats that he knew this was the air. Coin, "I don't care." He said, "It's the air coin that makes it easy to pull, don't care about these details."

In April 2018, Xinhuanet published an article that the Xiong'an Millennium Xiulin Project had enabled each tree to have an ID card through a big data system. The project also uses big data, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies to build an intelligent platform to trace and control the entire life cycle of trees, and build a digital forest system.

Because of the high production cost, long enough accumulation time, and first-mover advantage (due to the existence of natural gold mines, it means that gold can be used as a currency commodity a long time ago, in contrast to industrial precious metals such as palladium and platinum until modern times. It was discovered by humans), allowing gold to obtain today's high S2F and once became the only standard currency in the world. Even if gold is decoupled from legal currency in the future, it will still be the most valuable storage asset by market value.

The third stage is mainly for the entry of institutiEthereum monthly chartonal supporters who are optimistic about the development of Ethereum. This is also the reason why the pledge of the ETH0 genesis block quickly reaches the minimum goal. For example, on November 22, the Swiss crypto asset broker BitcoinSuisse announced that its Ethereum 0 pledge service has received more than 7,891 ETH, or about 33 million U.S. dollars, and stated that a total of 13,328 ETH has been locked in the deposit contract.

However, he did not lose confidence in cryptocurrencies. He said: "Actually, looking at the global market, Bitcoin's drop of this magnitude is not unexpected. People see this situation are generally panic and think that Bitcoin's function as digital gold has already No longer exists. But I don’t think so. Although there is a risk of selling in the short term, in the long term, the world is responding to the current epidemic and the impact of the oil price war by publishing fiscal stimulus policies. These are beneficial to cryptocurrencies. ."

In this regard, TheBlock research analyst Matteo Leibowitz believes that under normal circumstances, when the MakerDAO platform generates mortgage liquidation and enters the auction link, the system will allow its own liquidation robot to conduct reasonable bidding. However, on the day of the plunge, due to the Ethereum network users, the clearing robot did not increase the gas fee accordingly. Therefore, the transactions generated during the bidding of these robots could not be verified by the Ethereum network in time, and the bidding was not successful; if a single liquidator agreed The method of increasing the handling fee is quickly verified, and it is possible to successfully bid with a 0DAI bid.