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On January 11, elections in a certain region came to an end, and the female DPP chairperson in the region was elected as the regional leader. The leader expreEthereum Explorerssed relatively extreme remarks, refusing to recognize the basic consensus that has been formed in the region in the past, and calling on all parties in the region to unite and not accept the mainland's proposal. Her view is that the mainland will inevitably have equal exchanges with the region, and even achieve the goal of fighting for so-called regional sovereignty.

On Monday, Tyler Winklevos, co-founder and CEO of crypto exchange Gemini, and his twin brother Cameron Winklevos were interviewed by SeemaMody and AndrewRossSorkin on CNBC’s SquawkBox show, explaining That’s why they expect the price of Bitcoin to reach $500,000 or more in the next ten years.

The transaction data of LocalBitcoins, an over-the-counter trading platform released by Coindance, shows that the total amount of Bitcoin over-the-counter transactions on a global scale has not risen but declined in the past week. The actual buying demand for Bitcoin has not risen significantly around the world. In the past week when the epidemic broke out, Bitcoin buying demand has declined.

We focus on the impact of the epidemic on the blockchain in the currency circle. Because the chain circle is directly affected by the epidemic, it is more employees go to work. Blockchain is mainly characterized by decentralization. Blockchain technical practitioners are more comfortable with remote work and coordination than other industry practitioners, so the impact is not significant. On the contrary, the currency circle has a great influence on the chain circle in the medium and long term. The rise and fall of the market determines the survival of the project. Therefore, we focus on analyzing the impact of the epidemic on the currency circle.

Another new technology, Blockstack uses blockchain to protect your digital rights, creating a new type of network for decentralized applications. In the past, consumers would provide their data to use certain applications, and their data would remain on the application server completely out of the control of the consumer. But with Blockstack, your data stays with you. It acts as a key to unlock certain applications, but will be returned to the user immediately after the user is done using it. It's simple, but revolutionary in terms of digital marketing. The free user data rush has ended.

Different from e-coupons, mobile payments, and virtual currencies, the digital renminbi red envelopes tested in Shenzhen this time were interpreted as epoch-making significance by expeEthereum Explorerrts. Although both consumers and merchants report that the use process is similar to that of mobile payment tools such as WeChat and Alipay, in the opinion of experts, digital renminbi is fundamentally different from mobile payment tools.

For the founders and owners of the company, a public IPO may involve a lot of money. According to data from Crunchbase, Coinbase has raised $4.7 billion in the private market, and was valued at $7.7 billion in 2018. Its investors include AndreessenHorowitz, UnionSquareVentures, BBVA Ventures and USAA.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Education Blockchain Pilot Zone, launched in October last year, consists of the education departments of Tongzhou District, Tianjin Wuqing District, and Langfang, together with the Language Intelligence Research Center, the National Supercomputing Tianjin Center, Runze Big Data Company, and Tian Wenshu Media Technology Co., Ltd. jointly launched. After the establishment of the pilot zone, the education departments of the three places of Tongwulang will build a big data platform to collect and record the data of students' learning and growth trajectory, establish students' personal learning and growth files, and leave the most basic data for the establishment of an honest education and an honest society.

On December 23, the encrypted media LongHash issued a paper "How Bitcoin Halving Causes Mining Disasters", stating that due to the general expectation that Bitcoin halving will drive prices up, many people have joined the mining industry and purchased mining equipment for mining. This has led to continued growth in Bitcoin's computing power. But according to historical records, there is no direct and clear correlation between Bitcoin price and halving. The continuous increase in computing power has increased mining costs for miners. There is no reason to believe that increased mining costs will push up prices. The price is determined by the relationship between supply and demand. If the demand is low, the price may fall regardless of the mining cost. The computing power continues to rise, and the rewards for miners will be halved. Miners are under pressure, and this pressure will also put pressure on mining machine manufacturers. In view of the current top miners Bitmain, Jianan Zhizhi and others are facing difficulties, but if the market does not appear as expected, it will probably put tremendous pressure on the entire Bitcoin mining industry, and even unprecedented mining disasters may occur.